Pioneer the Sky

The ultimate platform for cost-efficient multi-cloud computing. Sign up for our beta phase, rise above the clouds and lead ahead!
Unleash the Power of Multi-Cloud

Run AI jobs on any cloud

Reduce costs

Stop overspending on cloud infrastructure - our platform automatically selects the most cost-effective providers for your needs

Gain flexibility

Gain the freedom to switch between cloud providers and configurations with zero effort

Simplify infrastructure

Focus on your AI workloads, not infrastructure setup - our platform handles everything from start to finish

Flexible Workloads

Run any job based workload on our platform, offering you the liberty to run diverse jobs according to your specific requirements.
Representation of the supported workloads on the Perian Platform
Image of different filter criteria and the matching VM types at different providers

Extensive Options

Tailor your configuration based on the specific computational needs of each job. Whether you require heavy-duty GPUs or CPUs, our platform ensures you have the resources you need.

  • Filter for hardware configuration like CPU, Memory or GPUs
  • Filter for location or green energy
  • Sort by lowest price

Effortless overview

Easily evaluate and compare various cloud providers through our wizard. Review offerings based on previously mentioned criteria to make informed decisions on which provider best suits your needs.
  • Manual Selection

    You can manually filter, compare and select the providers

  • Automatic Selection

    Or you can define your criteria and our platform selects the best match automatically

Compare instances across providers
Representation of the infrastructure setup on different cloud platforms

Automatic infrastructure provisioning

Our platform takes care of the setup and integration, allowing you to focus on value creation while ensuring your infrastructure is optimized.

No need to use proprietary APIs or provider specific knowdledge. Get access to different cloud providers with one interface.

One Dashboard

Manage your billing and account information across all providers in one easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Automated cloud provider account management
  • Unified billing and payments
Image of account and billing dashboard

Meet our team

Anselm Josek - Perian

Anselm Josek

Business & Financial
Christoph Neumaier- Perian

Christoph Neumaier

Executive & Software Development

Omar Tarabai

Product & Software Development